Questioning Merit & Equality

Merit, and equality, much has been said of late regarding these two unrelated ideas and even more has been said about how these two ideas must be viewed. Can merit be a matter of equality? Are we all of equal merit based on our gender? Does the idea that we have to assume merit is evenly distributed among the sexes have any basis?

Of-course the idea that merit is evenly or equally distributed between genders is an ideologically driven nonsense, the sort of ideologically driven nonsense that completely ignores the fact that we are all unique individuals subject to unique circumstances. From our very living building blocks of DNA, to our familial status, socio-economic position and transition, to our education, emotional experience, habitat among the infinite variables that make up our human existence we are unique. So, given the former how can anyone argue that any two people can be equal in merit? We can apportion equality in base values devoid of merit so that we can view each other as equals. But in many ways that is in spite of merit or accomplishment and allows people to obtain value beyond that or attributes value in an abstract way.

In truth no two people can be equal in merit, to say otherwise is to deny the biological reality and ignore the individual and all that makes an individual so. To demand equality of out-come in spite of merit and accomplishment is not only arbitrarily discriminatory but also an assault on the individual.

Why would anyone want to be equal in merit? Why would anyone wish to deny themselves or deny others that which they are rightfully due, the recognition of those things that they themselves have accomplished? Why would people who themselves are accomplished subscribe to an ideal or ideology that seeks to destroy the very thing that they themselves have built their life upon, merit?

To demand or even assume that merit has been or is evenly distributed amongst any two groups based upon ideals and ideology is itself nonsense. To demand that things be distributed amongst two groups because an ideal or ideology says it must be so only displays the infantile and intellectually stunted nature of the ideal or ideology in question.

Why must we insist on being equal? Why must we deny ourselves the fundamental right of being an individual and being seen and treated as such based on those things that we have achieved or accomplished? Why must we limit ourselves by such an out-dated concept that equality is the be all and end all, that somehow by ideological group-think we will over-come evolution itself?

Are we viewing equality and pursuing equality from the wrong perspective and direction? Why do we not insist on equality of in-put rather than focus on equality of out-come? Why do we not as a society address real and perceived inequalities by questioning the causational property rather than applying an arbitrary rule on out-come?

Should we be questioning equality itself? Should we re-examine what equality is? Should we be re-defining to whom and to what standard are we to be equal to? Should we ask what will happen if we are equal? Do we really want to be equal? And most importantly, can we be equal?

Do we want women to be equal to men by simply having women walk, talk, think, drink, fight and fornicate like men? Or do we elevate the feminist traits of women to be equal to those of men? Have we achieved a measure of equality by devaluing men? Have we gotten the differing values right? Do we really all want to be the same as equality dictates? Should we extend the idea and ideal of equality to politics? Should we do away with elections and government and allow all ideologies be to be equal and co-contribute as equals? Exactly how equal do we want to be?

In reality we can’t be equal for a number of reasons, primarily biological, as long as we are all biologically unique we aren’t equal. Every man is different to every other man as every woman is different to every other woman as they are both different to each other and the very survival as a species of life form depends on that very fact.

Equality is an absolute, we are either equal or we are not, and since we aren’t equal now nor are we ever going to be why don’t we celebrate the uniqueness of the individual and celebrate what makes us different?

The very fact that someone who indeed achieved their greatest success by virtue of an arbitrary discriminatory rule based entirely on gender may take to the national stage and lecture the rest of us about equality and merit says more than I can. Beyond the overt hypocrisy that it displays, it shows that relying on arbitrary mandated out-comes doesn’t always guarantee the out-come will be of any substance and value. It is an affront to the individual to demand that so many from one group, so many from another and so on and so forth must be this or be represented on that. It is an affront to the very idea that we are free to be individuals and to be valued as individuals. And above all it is an affront to the very idea of equality as it denies everyone the right to be judged equally on their merits.

But, then again, at times we are not judged on our merits, we are judged and treated differently based on our gender, and certain groups think that is acceptable, certainly there are no feminists demanding that female criminals are sent to prison at the same rate and for the same length of time as their male counterparts for like offences. And, I have yet to hear anyone complain about the disparity in life-expectancy between men and women either. Nor have many feminists campaigned for equal access laws when it comes to family court matters, quite the opposite. So is it really equality that those who campaign for it the loudest really want? Or is it more? Is it redress they’re wanting, some sort of justice for past wrongs they want? Or is it simple advantage seeking? Not that there is anything wrong with that, everyone knows the game and we all want some advantage or another, it to a degree is human nature, but let’s be honest with each other.

No amount of arbitrary discrimination will end discrimination and make us all equals, especially in the eyes of each other.



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