Political Correctness and other Thought Crimes

In the early hours of December 16th 2014 two innocent people died, to be more precise, two people were murdered. More than merely murdered, they were sacrificed upon the alter of Political Correctness, left to die by the institutions of the State who were meant to do all in their power to protect them, left to die because no-one dared make a decision that would offend an all too often prominent minority.

On the 15th and 16th of December 2014 we saw not only Australia’s largest city held hostage, we also saw the instruments of the State’s power and control held hostage by a fear all too common in Western societies, the fear of being called a racist.

No-one dared admit that they were confronted with a religiously inspired terrorist, a terrorist who had every intent of killing those he held hostage, and had every intent of dying in the process. Even after prominently displaying the Shahada flag and asking for the Islamic State flag be delivered to him, no-one dared to consider the reality they were confronted with. And no-one from the Prime Minister’s office on down dared make the decision to end the siege by means of lethal force, that it appears only occurred after the hostages rightfully concluded that no-one was coming to save them and decided to take matters into their own hands.

After the September the Eleventh Terror Attacks the then Australian government created the counter-terror unit TAG-East, based within minutes of the centre of Sydney, drawn from the Australian Defence Force’s two elite fighting units and provided training above and beyond those available any other counter-terror unit in Australia. However, for more than 16 hours Australia’s apex counter-terror unit sat idle in their barracks because no-one wanted to read upsetting headlines in the news media that may inflame the sensitivities of an all too often prominent minority.

And as a result, two innocent people were murdered, and the State was every bit culpable in their deaths as the Islamic Terrorist who pulled the trigger.

Two people needlessly died because no-one wanted to be called a racist.

The above merely highlights the dangers of allowing Political Correctness to blind those who need to be able make decisions in the real world, in the world where ideological considerations mean nothing, the world where being right above being seen to be right could mean the difference between life and death.

It may be considered less than fair to use one singular incident to denounce the devastating nature of Political Correctness. However, there is a long list of incidents where the sensitivities of people were put ahead of the physical safety of others.

Rotherham, what transpired in Rotherham should not only be considered as a crime, it should be considered not only a hate crime, it should be considered a crime against humanity.

Rotherham perhaps illustrates the point where Political Correctness transcends a thought crime to the very real world of actual crime.

in the City of Rotherham more than one thousand four hundred children were raped, abused, kidnapped, prostituted and trafficked with the tacit approval of the City Council and the police force they controlled. For all of the posturing of those on the left side of the political spectrum regarding how morally superior they are, how compassionate, tolerant and progressively open-minded they are, Rotherham exposes them to be nothing more than barbarians, barbarians driven by an insane ideology that demands that very real harm be done, for the sake of preserving the feelings of others, in many instances, their ideology demands crimes go unpunished in order to preserve the reputation of those committing the crimes.

The politically aligned left has run the City of Rotherham, and it was the politically aligned left government of Rotherham who not only ignored the crimes being committed, it instructed the police not to act on reports of crimes, because it did not wish to draw attention to the all too often prominent minority.

Those charged with the protection of the children of Rotherham let more than one thousand four hundred of them be raped, abused, kidnapped, prostituted and trafficked because it feared being accused of being racist.
Of-course many could argue that the above represents an extreme lone case, isolated in the United Kingdom. However, it wasn’t an isolated case in the United Kingdom, more of the same has been discovered in other areas of the United Kingdom where those on the political left get to dictate the social norm.

And it transpires that the woman at the centre of the Rotherham abuse scandal will be kept on by the Victorian State Government, because she is a woman, and a woman who belongs to the right political spectrum.

It has also happened in the far flung reaches of Australia, in a remote indigenous settlement in North Queensland. Where a nine year old girl was removed from her family on that settlement after a routine doctor’s examination had found she had become infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

In ordinary circumstances it would stand to reason that the relevant government authority would ensure the child’s safety before even considering returning her to her home. That wasn’t the case, the authority in question feared the all too often labels that go with interacting with certain minorities, and delivered the child back to her family without even conducting a thorough investigation as to how the child had contracted a sexually transmitted disease, and without even first being assured that those responsible for infecting her had been dealt with under the law. At no time was the welfare of the child the paramount concern, and as a result that nine year old girl was viciously gang-raped by those more than likely initially responsible for her being infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

This poor child’s life, like many others was destroyed because the authorities charged with her protection feared being called racist.

And so it has become that in France repeated acts of religiously inspired and motivated terror are papered over because no-one dare mention the minority the terrorists belong too, even as the suburbs of Paris burn on a regular basis.

No-one dares tell the truth, lest they too be denounced by those on the political left for being racist.
Tens of thousands march through Dresden against the demands of an all too often prominent minority yet it goes ignored because no-one dares risk being labelled a racist.

People, mostly the women of Scandinavia have been told by their own governments that they are going to have to accept the ever increasing violence and sexual violence directed towards them at the hands of an all too often prominent minority, because to do anything about the perpetrators would be racist.

And the list continues on endlessly, and all with the cover of the massed media who dare not report the truth and politicians who dare not make decisions.

Imagine living in a country where making a certain hand gesture could get you sent to prison but if you belong to the right minority you can quite literally get away with raping children. In truth, you don’t have to imagine that, that is the Politically Correct reality in much of Europe.

Where in the United Kingdom the rape of children goes un-investigated if it appears that it was a certain minority doing the offending, but, Heaven help you if you say the wrong thing on social media, that will get you sent to prison quicker than you’d imagine.

And it has come to this because it was those on the political left who discovered that howling down arguements against its failed love-child Multiculturalism with cries of “racist” was most effective. The use of the label “racist” was meant to silence the very real and very right critics of Multiculturalism, however, it has become an incredibly dangerous catch-all, it has now meant that even those on the political left are hamstrung by their own device of social thought control.

The most absurd example of this is that it has dawned on the government of the United Kingdom that the best ways to do away with arguments over immigration is to simply stop counting them. This is because no-one can be rightfully concerned with the levels of immigration if no-one ever does a census to ever find out how many Britons there are left, or how many migrants have arrived to replace the host population. Because in reality that is what is happening in Europe and other parts of the West, only it is a thought crime to actually say that, you can’t actually say that due to rapidly declining birth rates among Anglo-Europeans and the increasing numbers of non-Anglo-Europeans creating the population growth in Europe that Multiculturalism has become “white genocide”. In some parts of Europe saying that isn’t just a thought crime, it’s a very real crime, and even as the process of population replacement continues and ever more obviously as those on the political left cheer own even their own inevitable demise, everyone is still far too concerned with being called a racist to consider any alternative to the reality that engulfs them.

The above is not an argument about the issues surrounding immigration, it is however stating the obvious, and obvious destructive nature of truth denying Political Correctness.

Because it has become, thanks to those on the political left, impossible to criticize, and as a result impossible to make decisions in the social space because that space is now filled with a fear of the political left’s creation. A form of terrorism that is subtle, that is all pervasive, a form of terror that will destroy all before it, a form of terror that the likes of Islamic State couldn’t ever conceive of. A form of terror that has stopped the intellectual process from evolving in Europe and elsewhere. Political Correctness with its blood-brother Cultural Marxism has ensured that there can never be any solution to any problem, because that would involve being right, rather than being polite, or seeming to be fair, or being sensitive to the needs of someone somewhere.

Europe claims to be the inheritor of the enlightenment, though, that light may be a little hard to see through the green belt of Political Correctness wrapped tightly around the minds of the millions of Europeans and the institutions who govern them. That green belt may be far too blinding for those inflicted by its ideology to ever see the sun setting on Europe’s, if not Western Civilization’s horizon.

Because if we are not free to think, we are not free to be.

And as long as those not of the political left refuse to call those on the left what they really are, as long as those not on the political left tolerate the genocidal ideals of those on the left, we’re all destined for a future destroyed by the dogmatic demands of those who believe that being honest and being right isn’t as important as clinging to the failed dreams of the Bolsheviks.

Maybe they need reminding that the crocodile will eat them too…



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