Take the shot?

After seeing how everything government ever does turns into a complete shambles that requires everything to fixed and re-fixed over and over again, why on Earth would you trust the government with your life?

This isn’t a matter of being pro or anti gun, this is a question of survival.

The Martin Place Siege should have been a warning to all Australians that when push comes to shove, the government isn’t going to save you.

The Parisian Bloodbath has shown the world that people with video-cameras get great footage of the carnage, but little else.

The Jews are once more fleeing Europe, because they’re not allowed to defend themselves and the European governments have decided that they won’t be defending them either.

Terrorists are attending training camps, not in Afghanistan or Iraq, but in Central France and the French President believes that he can solve the ills of the failed state he rules by calling on people to remain calm whilst he imports ever more people to vote for him, regardless of the very real damage it is doing. There are over 500 no-go zones for French Police and Gendarme across France, and all the while the French are told that their government can keep them safe.

I can recall a time where such an outrage against the decency of the French People would result in the head of the perpetrator laying in a basket before a Parisian crowd.

Apparently these days they all stand in the dark with pencils in their hand making apologia for their conquerors and their puppets in government.

And in pleasant far removed Australia, Western Sydney is a war zone and NSW Police are too busy manning revenue collection vehicles to do anything about it.

Again, after seeing how the government makes a complete shambles of everything it does, why would you trust them with your life?


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