Why Defend a Lie?

Watching the Australian Media and the political class fall into line over the slain of Paris after the attack on Charlie Hebdo by Islamic Terrorists should have made Australians angrier than the attack itself.

That is because in Australia you couldn’t actually publish the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

That is because in Australia if a private citizen were to create and distribute the images contained within the Charlie Hebdo magazine they’d be breaking the law.

That is because in Australia if you made the same references in public you would be arrested.

That is because in Australia there is no such thing as a free press.

That is because in Australia you have no such right to speak freely.

In their rush to join the chorus of grief and condemnation over what happened in Paris the Australian Media refused to even show the very cartoons that were said to inspire the Islamic Terrorists to attack that publication. They showed the still images of the French policeman laying wounded in the street pleading for his life moments before he was executed. They railed against the supposed attack on the freedom of the press whilst themselves displaying no such freedom, because no such freedom exists in Australia, only the utmost hypocrisy.

It is likely that the media in Australia were using this supposed attack on the fallacy of press freedom as an excuse to not pursue the motivation of those committing mass murder on the streets of Paris. In the very same light they made every possible attempt to ignore the motives behind the Martin Place terrorist in Sydney. The supposed attack on press freedom in a country that actively restricts the speech of its citizens became the perfect smoke-screen for the Massed Media in general and the Australian Media in particular to hide the terrorist’s religious motives and identity. In-fact even as the blood remained red on Paris’ streets there were those within the media making apologia for the attackers, and some later would begin the process of victim blaming, a particularly obscene and all too frequent narrative played by the left leaning media across Europe and Australia.

In many ways you could argue that the compliant media and governing classes are responsible for the monster they created, by ignoring the truth they have allowed all that hey have been ignorant to, and all they have conspired to achieve to come back and bite them. The compliant press and governing classes themselves should stand condemned and ashamed for their blatant dishonesty, for being part of the same dogmatic ideological 5th Column that has made it its purpose to reap that which it now sows.

Because no press can be free if it is being held captive to an underlying ideology, and that is true on both sides of the spectrum, Rupert Murdoch’s right leaning media isn’t free, and neither is the left leaning ABC, and both have to answer to the Australian Press Council and the raft of laws that govern everything they publish or say both in the media and outside of it. A free press is meant to examine, question, provoke, be unrelenting in its pursuit of the truth and then by unflinching and unbiased delivery of the truth. On the very streets the pamphleteers of the French Revolution dared tell the truth in order to inspire the people to reach out for liberty the media has become nothing more than an organ of the state, to promote obedience to an un-agreed dogma, and to ensure that the dogma itself is never questioned.

In Australia only one group of people enjoy the freedom to speak, and they are Parliamentarians who enjoy Parliamentary Privilege protecting their speech. They also enjoy protections in relation to Party Political Advertising that allows them to publish and broadcast false, misleading or dishonest material, something that if a citizen or business did would see them before a judge explaining themselves. For everyone else there exists a form of intellectual castration, where expressing your opinion has very real consequences, especially if those opinions fall outs-side of the accepted and enforced norm.

This also extends to the platforms of social media, where intellectual expression was meant to remain free. In Australia if your opinion falls out-side of the accepted and enforced norm you can be censored even on social media, and the entities that control social media are far more comfortable with censorship, especially if it means censoring those who aren’t from or of the political left. And if you are unfortunate enough to post the wrong thing on Social Media in Australia, like Europe, you can face arrest, trial and conviction under laws that only exist to limit your freedom.

It is the height of dishonesty to have the Australian Media and the governing class decrying the attacks on freedom, when they themselves have for decades foisted upon the Australian People the fascistic expansion of state controlled morality in the greatest assault on personal liberties since the dark days of the 1930s Europe.

We must forget the romanticized illusion of Australia being a free country, because it isn’t, neither is France and neither is any other state in Europe. What the attack in Paris should have highlighted was that no matter how many freedoms you’re willing to trade, the desired result is never worth the sacrifice.

And the media itself is complicit in the erosion of liberty, even its own, because in most instances the media itself has chosen a side, it has chosen an ideological wheelbarrow to push, and everything it does is filtered through that. There is no journalism, there is Agenda Representation and manipulation of opinion.

The media in Australia like Europe is an organ of the ideological and political apparatus that cares nothing for liberty, freedom and the citizen, its sole objective is creating its own niche vision of nirvana. The media went along with the genocidal programs of mass-immigration in Europe, the same programs that have created numerous immigrant controlled enclaves, like the Tower Hamlets in London and the Northern Suburbs of Paris and now much of Sweden which exists belong the control of the Swedish Government. The compliant media has not called these governmental and societal issues into question, far from it, it has actively engaged in promoting these things, and has given free platform of unquestioning support for those willing to campaign for more of the same to continue. The compliant media in many instances has become another arm of the government and the institutions of political control, and has without question accepted many limitations on its ability to tell the truth.

The demise of the compliant media empires is a result of these things, people no longer trust them, or purchase their products and only where state funded media enterprises exist does there exist any hope for the compliant media to survive. Even Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is not immune from the change in market forces, and the left leaning media in Australia is nearing collective insolvency, with the largest private sector left leaning media out-let in Australia, Fairfax Media hemorrhaging money to an extent where at some point soon it too will collapse. Only the left leaning agenda peddling Australian Government funded ABC empire is likely to remain in the current compliant massed media market, and only because of the idiocy of those on the political right who continually prop up the organisation.

In Europe liberty and freedom died in 1945, as the close of WW II marked the start of the endless march of the forces of Marxism and Cultural Marxism who declared that it was European Identity and Nationalism that caused the carnage that existed around them. Since then the rise of the European Union has become a monolithic vehicle by which an ever increasing fascistic expansion of state control over the populace could be created, a vehicle ruthlessly exploited by those on the political left to exploit their agenda of wiping out the individual European identities of the people of Europe. Each and every single state in Europe has kept pace with the pogrom, the destruction of European Identity in the name of Cultural Marxist inspired and driven Multiculturalism, and none within the compliant media has spoken against it.

The rise since 1945 of the European Welfare State that now imports people to pay them welfare, that now outlaws vacuum cleaners, that bans paternity testing, that bans hand gestures, that bans flags, that bans books, that has become the greatest affront and threat to liberty in the history of Western Civilization was done with the compliance of the media, who has never questioned it, and never spoken against it.

The compliant media, acting as the propaganda arms of the governing classes told us that losing our liberties was for our own good and denounced all others who said other-wise, should have realized that it was there to protect the liberties of the citizen, especially now that it demands the citizenry protect what little liberties the compliant media hadn’t given away for its place at the table of the governing classes.

It must make Stalin proud to know that the European Union resembles far more the dark heart of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics than it does the Europe imagined by the French Revolutionaries.

We owe it to the people of Paris, Sydney, London, Madrid, New York, Beslan and Moscow to keep the flames of liberty burning, and refusing to succumb to even more of the same that has lead us here to begin with. Above that, we owe it to generations past to begin the process of our intellectual emancipation and remove the yoke of Political Correctness inspired Moral Cowardice from our societies.

Because until we do that, every time we defend the illusion of freedoms we cling to we’re making a mockery of the sacrifice of those who literally paid with their lives to give us those freedoms we gave away to begin with.



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