Against The Tide

Into the realms of extraordinary stupidity does a government go when it detaches itself from reality.

It is customary for politicians and political parties to do less to aggravate voters when they’re taking a hammering in the opinion polls. That can not be said for the Liberal Party of Australia and the current Federal Government of Australia lead by Tony Abbott.

Confronted by a hostile media, a hostile public, a hostile senate and even a hostile back-bench the Abbott Government has decided for whatever reason that it is in its interest to go harder on the paint and delve into new depths of unpopularity.

For six years the bulk of the Australian Media acted as the Australian Labor Party cheer-squad, the Australian Government’s own broadcaster the ABC became Julia Gillard’s campaign headquarters and has elevated her to near deity status and has forbidden any criticism of her across the media it controls. And it doesn’t get much better in the Fairfax Media empire, although heading into bankruptcy it still remains at the front of the Left’s financially struggling media organ. Adding to this is the considerable weight of the blogosphere and social media, dominated by those on the Left, for the benefit of those on the Left, with the aim of absolutely destroying those on the Right, all together they create an enormous echo-chamber that amplifies, distorts and amplifies again the message of the Left.

It is into this environment anyone of the Right foolishly treads, and even more foolishly attempts to make headway or even worse, attempts to make friends or dares get a message across.

At every turn the media organ of the Left will do anything to not only discredit the message but substitute it for one of their own.

This can be done in numerous ways, as an example, the current Abbott Government proposed to de-regulate the University sector in order to provide some form of budgetary savings. However, those on the Left and many on the Right failed to point out that those budget savings actually included one of the largest scholarship programs in Australian History that would have meant more Australians than ever would have gotten a free education, at the expense of those that could genuinely afford to pay into the system. The Left leaning media applied the Australian Labor Party lie that it would lead to enormous increases in course fees and then gave the Australian Labor Party and their coalition partners the Greens ample air-time and column space to repeat and spread the lie unchallenged, and all ignored the scholarship program.

In-fact those on the Left politely ignored the fact that more people got free education prior to Australian Labor Party introduced the financially ruinous free education scheme under Gough Whitlam than after it. That is because the Australian Government prior to Whitlam paid total course fees for those in lower socio-economic sectors of society through scholarships that never had to be repaid, the Abbott Government proposed to return to that system, and those on the Left howled it down. Whilst conveniently ignoring that it was the Australian Labor Party that itself introduced the current system of co-payment for education, and not the Australian Liberal Party.

A good policy destroyed by the media on Left and the very party they vote for, and those on the Right still believe that the playing field is level.

And the same thing happened during the delivery of the Budget, where the bulk of the government’s spending bills were waved through unopposed, because they actually increased the amount the government spent, all whilst both the Left leaning media and the Australian Labor Party and their coalition partners the Greens howled in protest about how savage spending cuts were, even though, there were none.

In-fact the Left leaning media and its social media echo-chamber set about attacking the government over increasing the deficit and borrowings, whilst failing to do so whilst in the preceding six years the Australian Labor Party and its coalition partners the Greens increased Government Debt by a staggering 600% and ran straight deficits.

They also neglected to mention that the deficit was increasing across the forward estimates in order to actually fund the legislated funding liabilities of the previous government, which it had conveniently left of the books to make their profligate spending appear less profligate.

The Left leaning media and the Left in general howled about cuts to Health and Education spending, even though both are scheduled to increase annually by a minimum of 6% per year, or in real terms, spending is scheduled to increase at twice the rate of GDP growth for a minimum of four years.

And still those on the Right just don’t get it, they appear to believe that the playing field is even, that as long as they keep talking it’ll be alright.

Well, it won’t.

As the opinion polls headed toward non-recoverable election losing territory and beyond the response by those on the Right within the government has been to do more of the same.

It’s changes to Medicare were voted down, so it will now apply an even worse regime of change through regulation, which has now effectively turned every doctor’s office in the country into an Australian Labor Party campaign office, and that is all it will do because the Senate will disallow the regulatory changes in coming months.

And the Left leaning media will make it a continuing theme when covering the government for the next two years until the election. And the Australian Labor Party and its coalition partners the Greens have all the electoral advertising material it could ever dream of, courtesy of the government.

And still the Right don’t get it, still the government doesn’t get it, and still the Prime Minister doesn’t get it. He could cure cancer tomorrow and the Left will protest that he has put doctors out of work, and the Left leaning media will relentlessly pursue it as a sign of the government being anti-jobs because of oncologists being out of work.

To this day those on the Right and within government itself have not countered the Left’s greatest lie, that being the government could have saved the Australian Automotive Manufacturing Sector, primarily it could have saved General Motors Holden. This, even though the Left’s greatest ever government of Julia Gillard gave Ford Motor Company Australia AUD$200,000,000 and it promptly announced it was ceasing operations. That may have been because the Left leaning media didn’t say anything and then failed to report on General Motors going into Bankruptcy Protection in the US of A, and the subsequent deal which demanded that General Motors close its loss making arms, that included General Motors Holden in Australia, which last posted a profit of a mere AUD$89,000,000, which coincidentally was the total value of subsidies given to that company that year.

The Left leaning media then forgot to explore why Toyota Motor Corporation Australia was ceasing manufacturing in Australia, that being because it lost a Federal Court case against its Union that controlled its workforce. The Left leaning media might have deliberately ignored that because the current leader of the Australian Labor Party was a principle actor in bringing that court case against Toyota Motor Corporation Australia.

And, the those on the Right still believe that if they just keep talking they will get their message will get through. How deluded they have become, how completely ignorant of the reality that encapsulates them they must be.

The Government repealed the two most popular taxes among those of the Left and attempts to trumpet that as its crowning achievements. Which predictably are ridiculed to the point of abject scorn by those in the Left leaning media, which relentlessly apply the narrative that the government is for the rich and anti-science, and use the government’s own agenda to do it.

To add insult to the injury the government wheels out its most hated to front the Left leaning media day in and day out, believing that if it just keeps talking it’ll get better.

It won’t.

Not now, not in two years, not ever.

For the Right to continue on as a realistic platform it needs to adhere to two things, principles and truth, it can not be politics, the Left dominate the media, the public service, academia and the social space and is fast making in-roads into economics. For a conservative government to exist it must accept the reality that everything it does will be received as being an attack on everything the Left hold as sacred, and there-fore it must accept that everything it does will be filtered through the organisations of the Left, especially the media.

To that end, the conservatives and those on the Right in general must be absolute, and must be absolute in making decisions, and it has to be absolutely be right-footed because any and every mistake will be mercilessly used against them from all corners.

It must embrace the reality, it must embrace the notion that if it is only ever going to be given short tenure it has to be absolutely ruthless in applying its agenda, because everything it does will be made to look ruthless, even when it is doing the exact same thing those on the Left would have done.

You want to fix the budget crisis, easy, stop spending, simple as that. Walk into Treasury with a very large red pen and de-fund everything, and when the balloon goes up in the Senate you begin the negotiations.

You do not walk in and start snipping at all the meaningless little trinkets of the Left and then hope to negotiate with them later.

Walk in to Treasury with the biggest red pen you can find and just start drawing red lines through everything.

Apply a cap to welfare payments in physical limits, apply a means test for everything the government spends money on in the welfare sector, including schools, include everything and set the means test limit to the median wage, if it can be done through regulation, do it without even consulting the Left. And if they oppose or disallow in the Senate, do it again and change the sum valuation used in regulation by AUD$1.00c to make it legal, and keep doing until it sticks.

Medicare, turn Medicare into a pay in system, impose the Medicare Levy to everyone with a job. Impose Unemployment Insurance on anyone with a job. Because if you’re going to raise taxes you may as well not be shy about it, just do it.

And once you’ve gone through the budget repeal every piece on nonsense Left inspired legislation you can find on the books, in a take no prisoners march through their institutions. Abolish their Commissions, abolish their laws, and to cap it off grant person-hood status to the unborn and impose mandatory paternity testing.

Because if they’re going to hate you, give them something to hate, mean it, own it and go for the throat.

There is no point in being in government if you’re only going to die a little bit every single day because you fell into a well laid trap and can’t tell everyone you fell for it. And you can’t keep fronting the electorate through a media apparatus that exists only to see your demise.

But, alas, those on the Right just don’t get it, the government just doesn’t get it, it’ll never get it, and even when the Left raise their red flags after their inglorious revolution they still won’t get it.

Well, they’ll get it then, in the neck.



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